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UHF RFID systems

UHF RFID systems for the automatic identification of RFID goods are in the phase of dynamic development. A typical system consists of a computer system with a database and two types of radio frequency identification devices. These are RFID readers, i.e. transceivers and tags. This mechanism is supported by an application that controls RFID devices.

How does UHF technology work?

Most commercially used RFID systems use either frequencies in the 860-960 MHz range - UHF band depending on region, or 13.56 MHz - HF band. In addition to the above-mentioned frequencies, frequencies up to 135 kHz - in the LF band and 433 MHz and 2.45 GHz - in the UHF band are also used. These are the recommendations of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. In Poland, devices using RFID technology operating in the UHF frequency range use the 865.6 - 867.6 MHz band.


Advantages of UHF RFID technology

Thanks to the UHF RFID technology, the automatic identification of goods guarantees a significant improvement in the efficiency of companies from various industries, both manufacturing and service. Examples are hotels and hospitals. The use of a proprietary system of tags and readers increases security. It also prevents possible confusion, loss or falsification of marked items.

Very good readability of up to 1000 RFID tags per second, thanks to which they increase the efficiency and precision of logistics processes.
The use of RFID tags will allow you to reduce costs in the process of managing a laundry or other company.
The contamination of the transponder does not affect the reading quality. A barcode in an analogous situation would be completely illegible.
More capacity
Capable of storing more data than with one-dimensional barcodes.
One RFID tag can be programmed multiple times.
Issuance, receipt and inventory of clothing in the company is carried out easily and carefully. Reading all tags at once.
No interference
The electromagnetic field in the UHF band does not interfere with the operation of medical devices.
Optimum reading distance
The ability to read the information stored in the tag, even from a distance of several meters and through other materials.
Ability to implement in conditions where traditional labels do not work.
Assurance of originality
Counterfeit protection.