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UHF RFID Gateway

Universal linen counting design for use at many stages of the laundry process, for use in the laundry plant as well as at the end customer. The gate is made to measure, it is adapted to the door opening or corridor.

UHF RFID systems
Do you want the bedding sets, tablecloths or clothes sent to the laundry to always be returned in the same number? Every season you are exposed to costs due to lost items during transport? Take advantage of modern solutions offered by 21st century technology. Automatic identification of goods is what you need. The RFID system will allow you to easily and accurately manage everything that goes to the laundry. It's an economical, convenient solution!
RFID Gateway
The RFID gate we have created is a universal structure that counts underwear. You can use it at many stages of the laundry process: from the laundry to the end customer. The product is made to measure to perfectly match the door opening or the width of the corridor.
RFID scanner
Undoubted advantages of the offered RFID scanner are:
Versatility of applications
Very easy to use