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Smart Wash software

Smart Wash is a revolutionary solution to help you manage your laundry. This is the first Polish system for automatic identification of laundry assortment, using the latest technological achievements. This is the technology of UHF RFID radio tags and touch screens.

The product was presented during the international laundry fair Texcare International 2012. The Smart Wash software offered as a service is a response to the needs related to the optimization of business processes emerging in many industrial laundries. The goal is to achieve benefits concentrated in the area of laundry assortment management.

Smart Wash system architecture
Stationary, industrial UHF RFID readers.
A set of efficient, industrial antennas designed for use in large areas with the possibility of mounting on walls and ceilings. This allows you to create optimal reading zones around shelves, entrances and warehouse doors.
Motion detector, which is an optional piece of equipment.
2. Smart Table
packing aid device
3. UHF RFID handheld readers
A device with a WiFi module, Android system, on which the Smart Wash mobile application is running.
4. RFID radio tags
Transponders with increased environmental resistance, waterproof and flexible. They are durable and passive, and use the UHF EPC Generation protocol 2.
5. Software
A set consisting of three applications: ↓
A set consisting of three applications

Smart Wash - 3 Apps

To use the Smart Wash application, we suggest using an all-in-one computer, i.e. an industrial computer equipped with a small LCD touch screen. Using the Smart Wash software, the user can use it in an easy, pleasant and intuitive way. We can easily reach the most necessary functions. The touch screen enables better interaction with the computer and unprecedented comfort of work.

Smart Wash Desktop
Laundry management application with a fully touchscreen interface. It has an additional, optional module to handle the rental of workwear.
Smart Wash Web app
The application is available through a web browser. It enables laundry employees, as well as its customers, access to detailed and extensive reports.
Smart Wash Mobile
The application for mobile readers is optional. Identifies the assortment and conducts an inventory.