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Patient management system

The patient management system is a patient call system based on RFID technology. This is a solution that increases patient comfort, streamlines and saves staff time.

General characteristics of the "Patient Management System"
Patient records
Assigning a band to the patient during registration with the number (personal data protection) and the state of emergency (number of colors to choose from).
Patient queue management
Queuing patients and calling them to the office (automatic opening of the appropriate door).
Waiting time management
Informing patients about the order of admissions and the estimated real waiting time (monitors in the waiting room and in front of the offices).
Back from research to queue
Automatically queuing patients after returning from examinations.
Health monitoring
Monitoring the condition of patients in the waiting room and in front of the offices.
Prioritization - setting the urgency of actions
Possibility to change the order of patients at any stage due to the state of emergency.