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Mobile UHF RFID readers

Mobile UHF RFID readers for quick counting of bedding directly at customers.

Mobile UHF RFID readers
As a supplement to the stationary UHF RFID system, we offer mobile readers that allow you to count both clean and dirty bed linen directly at the customer's place.
UHF RFID readers
The readers offer a direct connection to the server using a SIM card or WIFI, thanks to which the data from the reader is immediately visible to the client and the laundry. This allows the laundry to plan a wash cycle based on real data before the linen arrives at the laundry.
frequency range
The reader operates at frequencies of 860 – 960 MHz in accordance with the ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard. The reader has a convenient touch screen and a handle with a convenient button that starts counting.
Versatility of applications
Very easy to use