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Hotel Gate

Universal linen counting structure for use at many stages of the laundry process, for use at the end customer. The hotel gate is made to measure, adapted to all needs and requirements of the client. The distinguishing feature is the appearance of this goal and its universality.

Aesthetic appearance
Business benefits of implementing UHF RFID technology in a hotel
The hotel gate can be installed not only in the back room, but even in the main corridor of an exclusive hotel. The design allows you to stick any advertisement chosen by the customer, and the color allows you to integrate the gate into any place. Despite its smaller size, the gate is able to read a whole trolley of bed linen in a short time.
Automation of settlements with the laundry.
Read speed
Quick reading of the supplied assortment. Counting up to several hundred pieces of assortment in a few seconds.
Reducing the assortment in circulation
Reducing the amount of linen in circulation by up to 40%.
Reducing the cost
Reduction of the cost of assortment loss.
Anti-theft function
Possible control of the assortment carried out by guests.
Monitoring of the assortment during the entire washing process. Identification of the assortment and checking the number of washing cycles performed.
Dirt does not affect the reading of the assortment.
Real-time control
The ability to control the flow of the assortment in real time. Monitoring of the assortment in your own facility.
Process optimization
Acceleration of all logistic processes.
Easy operation of devices and elimination of human errors.